Performance characteristics of LED driver power supply

According to the power consumption rules of the China Power Grid and the characteristics of the LED driver, the following requirements should be taken into account when designing and using the LED driver power supply:
1. High quality features. In particular, the driving power of the LED street lamp is installed at high altitude, which is not convenient to maintain, and the cost of maintenance is also high.
2. High efficiency LED is an energy-saving product. The power supply should be green, efficient and energy efficient. It is also important for the power supply to be installed in the luminaire. Because the luminous efficiency of LED decreases with the increase of LED temperature, so the heat dissipation of LED is very important. The efficiency of the power supply is high, its power consumption is small, the heat in the luminaire is also small, and the temperature rise of the luminaire is also reduced. It is beneficial to delay the light failure of LED.
3. High power factor power factor is also the requirement of power grid for load. There is no mandatory index for electrical appliances below 60W.  Although the power factor of a single electric appliance is low, the influence on the power grid is not very big, but in the evening if you light the light and the same kind of load is too concentrated, it will produce more serious loss to the power grid. For the 30 watts ~40 watts LED drive power, so in the near future, there will be certain indicators for power factors.
4. There are two ways of driving: one is a constant voltage source for multiple constant current sources, and each constant current source is supplied to each LED individually. In this way, the combination is flexible and has many problems. It will not affect the work of other LED, but the cost will be slightly higher. The other is direct constant current power supply, and LED runs in series or parallel. Its advantages are low cost, but poor flexibility, and solve a LED failure, can not affect other LED running problems. The two forms coexist in a period of time. Multi way constant current output power supply will be better in terms of cost and performance. Maybe it's the main direction in the future.
5. Surge protection LED is relatively poor in surge resistance, especially anti reverse voltage capability. It is also important to strengthen the protection in this area. Some LED lights are outdoors, such as LED street lights.  Because of the power grid load and the induction of lightning, various surge will be invaded from the power grid system, and some surge will lead to LED damage. Therefore, the LED drive power supply should have the ability to suppress the surge invasion and protect the LED from damage.
6. Protection function. Besides the conventional protection function, the power supply also needs to increase the LED temperature negative feedback in the constant current output to prevent the LED temperature from being too high.
7. Protection. The luminaire needs external installation, and the power supply structure needs waterproof and moistureproof.
8. The life of the driving power should be compatible with the life expectancy of LED bulbs.
9. We must comply with various requirements such as safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility.
With the increasing application of LED, the performance of LED driver will be more and more suitable for LED.

LED driver power supply
Seven principles to determine the quality of LED driver
1. Try to choose single or two output, or small current output.
The more complex the output is, the higher the cost is, and the higher the failure rate is, the higher the cost is. In addition, the more the output road number, the greater the total output current is, and the current is the main cause of the heat, the current is the main cause of heat, the voltage itself does not directly cause heat, the heat is directly proportional to the square of the current, that is to say, the current increase to the original 2 times, the heat will increase to the original 4 times, the current increase to the original 3 times, hair, hair, hair, hair is 3 times, hair hair, hair, hair The heat will increase to 9 times as much as it is. To sum up, the failure rate of single or two output LED drivers will be reduced a lot.
1. Intelligent control is one of the advantages of LED lamps, and power supply is the key to intelligent control.
Intelligent control has the most mature effect on the application of LED street lamp and LED tunnel lighting. Intelligent control can realize the stepless control of the power of lamps in different time periods and road traffic flow density. It not only satisfies the application requirements, but also realizes huge energy saving effect. It can save a lot of funds for the public road supervisor. The application of the tunnel lighting can not only save energy, but also automatically adjust the brightness of the tunnel entrance and exit according to the brightness conditions outside the tunnel, and provide a visual over stage for the driver to ensure the safety of the driving.
2. Try to choose a medium and high power supply with high stability.
Because the greater the power, the greater the calorific value, the more compact components are, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, and temperature is the main cause of power failure. Moreover, small power supply is relatively mature, and has advantages in terms of stability and cost. In fact, many high-power power supply schemes have not been verified by time and proved by practice. They are all in a hurry to get on the horse. They are all experimental products, so the failures emerge in an endless stream. In contrast, the development of medium and small power sources is more mature because of the earlier development.
3. Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of power failure.
Not only the power supply itself will heat, the lamps will also heat, the two kinds of heat sources are rationally distributed to the design of lamps and lanterns must be considered by the design engineer. It is necessary to prevent the excessive concentration of heat, form the heat island effect, and affect the life of the power supply. It is a good choice to adopt separate power supply plan.
4. The feasibility of maintenance.
The problem of power failure can not be avoided. The principle of simple maintenance is put forward by Chengdu moonlight. Only when the replacement of the power supply is done with the replacement of the light source of the conventional lighting, can the user be happy, even if the power is bad, the mood will not be too bad, and the mood of the user determines the fate of the LED lamp manufacturer.
6. Protection performance.
The protection problem is also very important. The water penetration may cause the short circuit of the power supply. The sand dust on the shell will affect the heat dissipation of the power supply. The sun exposure and high temperature can easily cause the aging of the wires and other components. From the experience, because the failure rate of the rotary connection plug is high,  which cause the failure of the leakage of water.
7. Modular design.
Modular design has become the trend nowadays. It is necessary to think of the integration of module power. If the power can be plugged to solve the maintenance problem, it will be welcomed by the user. At the same time, the interface standardization should be set up, so that the different manufacturers of LED driver can be used.
Summary: the LED lamp is best used the split type. At the same time, it pays attention to the reliability and life of the power supply. Even if the cost is increased, the enterprise can be developed for a long time only when the product is designed from the angle of the customer.

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