When the IoT meets smart power, it will inspire more innovat

            When the IoT meets smart power, it will inspire more innovation!
            Today, smart products are still a hot spot in China's LED light industry. For the smart industry, when the IoT + smart power, it will stimulate more innovative scenarios apply. And the smart LED driver industry also needs to rely on the IoT to accumulate big data and constantly upgrade product innovation technology.

            "The closer to the top of the mountain, the more cold in there, but we can't stop moving forward. The construction of a smart city is a good opportunity for LED driver manufacturers. The goal of Fushuo Photoelectric is to become the leader in IoT driving power.

             After the smart interconnected window was opened, the LED power supply company's qualifying battle has already begun. How can China's LED driver brand get the "top spot" in the global local market? At this time, Fushuo Photoelectric is experiencing a new leap in the history of development.


                                                                                "Main business + innovation" steady development
           Technological innovation drives the future. As a global advanced power supply solution supplier and a symbolic enterprise in the domestic power supply industry, Fusuho is based on the development of the main business, continuous and steady operation, and have eye-catching performance in the four major lighting areas, as road lighting, rail transit lighting, landscape lighting and industrial lighting.
                                                                                                   The next "Internet of Things" big chess
            Management consulting firm McKinsey predicts that by 2025, the Internet of Things will generate up to $11 trillion in economic benefits per year, contributing 11% to the global economy. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by 2020, the scale of China's Internet of Things industry will exceed RMB1.5 trillion. Such a tempting cake naturally attracts giants to occupy a place.
            It can be seen that smart and far-sighted LED manufacturers are thinking about where the real value of the Internet of Things is going to be?
The conventional LED drive power has basically reached the limit, and enterprises must find new entry points if they want to continue to develop. In the eyes of Fushuo’s boss Mr. Zhang, Fushuo Photoelectric is an intelligent control enterprise of the Internet of Things. Fushuo Electronics has also been deploying intelligent lighting, such as DALI power supplies for rail transit.

             For China local brands such as Fushuo, the best opportunity for the development of the real economy has arrived. The solid and stable economy is the key to this round of economic transformation. The local enterprise represented by Fushuo is the backbone of the current LED power industry “Made with wisdom”. With quality as the foundation for development and innovation as the core competitiveness, Chinese companies that are gradually emerging in the world will surely contribute their own brand power to the development of the world LED industry.

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