Where will the main battlefield of LED driver be in 2020?

The driving power plays a very important role in the process of popularization and rapid popularization of LED, and its development is changing with the demand of lighting products. At present, high performance-price ratio and intelligent lighting application terminal is the biggest demand, for which enterprises continue to introduce optical engine technology and intelligent power products.
At present, optical engine and intelligence have become the two main trends of driving power. In particular, intelligent lighting will create a more humanized and more efficient lighting form, creating a new light environment. Therefore, LED power supply technology must conform to this development trend, toward more energy-efficient, lighter, and intelligent control direction.
Moreover, the huge market space of intelligent lighting will also promote the rapid development of intelligent driving power supply. According to investigation and research, in the past 2013-2020 years, the annual growth rate of the intelligent lighting market has been accelerated by 17%. By 2020, the intelligent lighting market is expected to exceed US $8 billion, which will bring huge market space for intelligent power supply.
Intelligent will become new air vent of driving power supply
In the context of the bright prospect of intelligent lighting, intelligent power supply has become a new market force for power supply enterprises. At present, MOSO power supply, Meanwell power supply and other well-known power supply enterprises have launched intelligent control, dimming and color modulation of the power products and constantly increase the market layout.
As early as 2012, Moso power supply intelligent lighting control system based on SST technology enabled LED street lamps to achieve the two energy saving. MOSO officially launched the "four in one light type" high power LED road lamp driving power in 2016, and realized large-scale mass production. In the future development planning, it’s electronics points out that the products with high additional value should be developed, such as the development of intelligent direction, not only power supply and control, but also the product should be integrated into function.
At the present stage, the driving power supply of intelligent are becoming the main selling products of FuShuo. In recent years, FuShuo has gradually introduced to the market, intelligent programmable series of intelligent LED drive power, mainly for the application of LED street lamps, tunnel lights and industrial and mining lights, suitable for different countries and regions in the world. At the beginning of the year, FuShuo led driver focused on intelligence and innovation, and launched a series of intelligent new products and technologies.
Zhang Jifang, vice president of Fushuo, said that in the Internet era, the door of intelligence is wide open, and the field of LED drive power supply is also developing in the direction of intelligence. From the perspective of customer demand, supplier pain and technology maturity, intelligence will be an inevitable trend. From the customer's point of view, intelligent products can bring more value. There is no unified standard for the early power supply products. The demand of the customers is also various. The production enterprises should do a lot of non standard products, making the operation cost of the production enterprises very high, and it is difficult to guarantee the delivery period of the customers. After the intelligence, many different functions are integrated in the power supply, which can avoid the hidden dangers of the production mode of small quantities of products. The delivery period of the customers is guaranteed and the delivery period is greatly shortened. For the production enterprises, the scale effect, the scale production and the purchase, and the quality guarantee are more guaranteed.
In the view of Mr. Liu, general manager of Zhong Heng company, intelligence will lead the development trend of LED driving power in the future. He believes that LED intelligent lighting put forward three requirements for driving power supply: to ensure energy-saving effect, extend the life of lamps and lanterns, convenient management and maintenance.
However, Mr. Lei, vice president of Zhuhai Leite Technology Co., Ltd., said that the enterprises focusing on intelligent control and intelligent power supply at this stage have witnessed considerable growth. "The demand for intelligent control products in the past is a stable growth. With the rise of intelligent lighting and smart home in the past two years, with the rapid growth of the industry as a whole, the demand for intelligent control and intelligent power supply has changed greatly."
Intelligent street lamps promote the development of intelligent power supply
Obviously, intelligence has become the general trend of the development of the industry, especially in the field of outdoor lighting. Now, the country vigorously advocates the intelligent city, which is an important breakthrough in the construction of Intelligent City, and is also the first to open the market of intelligent power supply.
According to the latest data issued jointly by the Ministry of housing construction and the Ministry of science and technology, the number of intelligent cities has reached 386, 193 of the "smart cities" have been pilot, and the investment related to intelligent cities in the next 10 years is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan. As a key link, the intelligent street lamps will usher in a very important market opportunity.
Intelligent street lamp is the application of advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier and wireless GPRS / CDMA communication technology to realize the remote centralized control and management of street lamp. The system has the functions of automatic adjustment of luminance, remote lighting control, wireless network coverage, fault active alarm, lamp cable burglar proof, remote meter reading and so on. It can save electricity resources and improve the level of public lighting management. After the use of urban road intelligent lighting system, the cost of operation and maintenance will be reduced by 56%.
There is no doubt that from the perspective of the two energy saving, intelligent LED street lamp is the best choice. The data of the National Bureau of statistics show that from 2004 to 2014, the number of urban road lighting in China has increased from 10 million 531 thousand and 500 to 23 million 19 thousand and 100, and the urban road lighting industry has maintained a rapid development trend. In addition, in recent years, China's lighting power consumption accounts for about 14% of the total social electricity consumption. Among them, road and landscape lighting accounts for about 38% of the total electricity consumption. It has become the largest electricity consumption area. The comprehensive energy saving rate of LED replacing sodium lamp can reach over 50%. After intelligent transformation, the comprehensive energy saving rate of intelligent LED street lamps is expected to reach over 70%.
The intelligent street lamp system not only completes the function of the lighting, but also provides a basic network, which is a bearing of the intelligent city sensor network, and can connect various sensors on the market. In the future, with the rapid popularization of intelligent street lamps, and the wide application of new generation of information technology, such as Internet of things and cloud computing, wireless WiFi, charging pile, data monitoring, environmental monitoring, lamp pole screen and so on all can be realized by road lamp and intelligent control platform.
At present, in addition to some well-known foreign lighting giants, many manufacturers have made intelligent street lamps, but not many enterprises can truly achieve stable and reliable products and acceptable prices. Because the cost of intelligent LED power will be higher than that of traditional power supply, how to reduce cost is a problem that power suppliers have to face. Next, with the gradual reduction of prices, LED smart power supplies will gradually move towards the mass market and become more popular.
To miniaturized and integrated development
In order to facilitate lighting design and heat dissipation, LED dirves tend to be miniaturized and highly integrated. Therefore, for lighting enterprises, besides ensuring quality, power supply needs to be more compact. Because the size of the power supply will determine the appearance, structure and performance of the lamps and lanterns, the large power supply is not conducive to the design of lamps and lanterns, which brings great inconvenience to the manufacturers of lamps and lanterns.
At the same time, the trend of miniaturization also drives LED manufacturers to optimize their product mix and improve their integration. How to integrate dimming, temperature control, data acquisition and other additional functions together to achieve two-way intelligence and simplify user operations.
At present, street lamp power supply and lamps manufacturers need to improve the system integration and stability of intelligent street lamp, and integrate the required functional design of intelligent street lamp. Then, can the power supply provide a variety of voltage output to facilitate the access of other devices, and can integrate the control module to reduce the system risk and cost, and whether the integration of communication modules and the integration of the system will be the direction for the power manufacturers to explore.
"The current stage of intelligent street lamp technology has reached the standard, and the cooperation of lamps, driving power and intelligent control system companies can easily provide solutions." Zhang Jifang pointed out that lamps manufacturers integrated market demand, integrated power supply and control systems; power manufacturers need to improve quality and supply solutions to auxiliary equipment; system manufacturers integrate all the equipment together to provide perfect control. Every division of labor optimizes the system and provides the best solution.
At present, the marketization of intelligent power supply products has accelerated the development from LED street lamps, the next step is to popularize commercial lighting and home lighting. In the context of the Internet of Things is not mature, this will take a while, but power companies need to do a good job of adequate technology and patent reserves waiting for the market to break out.

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