Emergency light led driver market needs to be saved!!!

In the light of the lights, all of a sudden dark...
But emergency lighting prevented this scene from happening. The traffic tunnel, the stadium, the building escape instructions, the shopping center and other important places have set up the evacuation lighting and accident emergency lighting, so as to ensure the normal operation of these occasions under the condition of power failure.
In the new background of consumption upgrading and scientific and technological revolution, many Intelligent Building have come to the ground. People have put forward higher requirements for their living environment, and also put forward the problems of electric power and fire protection. The emergency power industry in China is coming to a new round of development.
It is understood that the current market for emergency power supply in foreign countries is about 4 billion dollars, and commercial lighting, industrial and mining lighting, underground parking lighting and other fields, the United States stipulates that every 3 lamps must have an emergency lamp, and there are 1 lamps for every 5 lamps in the country. The overall market demand is considerable.
In the field of lighting, the demand for low end market is large, and in the high end market, enterprises of Meanwell, Moso, FuShuo have a certain market share.
"Many domestic emergency power enterprises are uneven in scale, quality assurance ability and price. We have also used nearly five or six industries that have a large scale of emergency power enterprise products. Finally, the results and evaluation of market customers' use result and evaluation. Finally, the quality barrier is eliminated. But the quality of Ying Long photoelectric emergency power supply is excellent enough to meet our quality requirements. Jie Shen, purchasing manager of Fushuo Photoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
In the emergency power supply market, on the one hand, factory, industrial and mining, chemical plant, shopping mall, gas station, stage and other places for the performance of emergency power supply, especially the reliability, the requirements are quite high. For example, the gas station, North and south of the requirements are different, the North usually goes to minus 30 degrees, this requires that the temperature of the emergency power supply is very high temperature adaptability, many enterprises can not meet the requirements of the products. On the contrary, most of its products are exported to countries with harsh climates, but the products can still withstand these harsh tests.
On the other hand, the emergency power supply in the market needs to match the lamps and lanterns, the individualized demand is strong and the technical threshold is high. Zhang Jifang, the general manager of Fushuo photoelectronic, also admits that the current development products are based on the customer's needs to meet the needs of the market development. So emergency power supply needs to match, personalized demand is strong, so part of the lamps and lanterns enterprises or power self-production and configuration, not take-out.
In addition to the stringent requirements for the quality of emergency power supply, precise control has also become a new trend of market development. Mr. Mo Hongyong, the manager of the center of emergency lighting research and development center, points out that with the continuous expansion of the urbanization process, large buildings are becoming more and more extensive in urban construction, the function of building use is becoming more and more diversified, buildings are constantly following humanization and comfort, and a slight negligence in power safety management may stop. Electricity, fire safety and other accidents, so in modern large building groups, the need for more safe, more accurate, more efficient emergency power supply, emergency fire, emergency evacuation system, so as to reduce the loss more effectively in emergency events.
The emergency power supply is changed from traditional distributed distribution and blind evacuation guide to centralized control for point to point control to achieve more safe and efficient purpose. Therefore, emergency power plays an important role in today's life.
Ms. Shen, a purchasing manager of FuShuo, said the demand for the emergency power supply market will gradually increase, and the emergency power supply of LED lamps will be a new and rapid growth point. However, there are some quality problems and quality problems in the emergency power supply in the market, such as the failure of the emergency power supply in the use of terminal users and the failure of the producers to solve them effectively.
As a user, Mr. Mo, the manager of the R & D center of the three male Aurora, also expressed the same view. He said that there are many kinds of emergency power sources in the market, and the quality is more different, some are very close to the standard in function, but in actual circuit materials, it is not often simplified, and the security is not enough, too. The hidden danger is great. At the same time, he appealed that the state should increase the effort in the field of fire security inspection, remove some emergency power supply or emergency lamps that do not meet the requirements of the standard, and also carry out media exposure supervision.
"Emergency power supply is large and there is no relevant certificate." Mr. Jing Ze, which focuses on LED lighting, LED street lights and LED flameproof lights, spoke of their worries about the emergency power market, and they hope that the future power supply will be integrated without any additional power supply.
In addition, users generally have a low awareness of emergency power, and even think that emergency power is a simple configuration of "one power supply with a battery". "In fact, the internal technology of emergency power supply is much higher than that of driving power supply. It involves two fields of management power and management driving. It plays the role of connecting up and down, and plays a vital role in some specific situations. At the same time, the product reliability requirements are relatively high, so the British power supply is more imported materials, such as electrolytic capacitors,etc. Lu Xiaowei, the general manager of the UK, explained.
Due to the low awareness of the industry, users have low price and high expectations for products. "The Chinese market is relatively sensitive to the price, just start because of the price problem, choose the short time product of emergency time, but after installation and use, many problems will appear, such as the emergency time is not enough, it can not play a role." "The value of the product lies in his applicability, and the industry does not have a perfect technical standard in this respect, and the government of the domestic market is more important than technology," said Lu Xiaowe.
At the same time, he said, "emergency power supply want to have UL certification, FuShuo is the first one in China. At present, it is also considering the certification of power supply alone, increasing the attractiveness of products.
He also talked about the contradiction between the demand and the cost of the market. In Africa, for example, it stops about four times a week, and the weather is hot in Africa, so they have been asking us to do a power cut that can both achieve emergency lighting, drive a fan, and recharge a cell phone. The African market is also very large, but there is also a problem: the unit price of products is low.
It can be seen that excellent product quality, relevant certification, while achieving diversified applications, this is the most urgent problem to be solved in the current emergency power market.
With the development of intelligent and Internet of things, each component is connected to each other and leads to the whole body. Therefore, the protection of electricity and the safety of fire protection are becoming more and more important, and the emergency power supply has also ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development.
But at the same time, the demand for emergency power supply will be higher and higher, in addition to the reliability of the quality, the extension of its function is also concerned. The future competitiveness of the emergency power supply needs higher energy efficiency, the more innovative materials and the technological and technological and quality originality is the only way to win the future. 

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