China pcb led light driver 36V 200w round shape for high bay

China pcb led light driver 36V 200w round shape for high bay light
Product advantage
Worldwide, input 100-265V/277V to meet the voltage demand of various countries.
Non isolated UFO mine lamp power supply, through CCC, SAA TUV UL and CE certification, will definitely enhance the performance and cost performance of your industrial and mining lamps.
All new elegant aluminum shell, good heat dissipation, lift the whole lamp color value.
High PFC > 0.95, no stroboscopic
Super efficient, over 95% conversion efficiency
Low harmonic, harmonic less than 10%
High precision constant current output: error is less than 3%
Long service life design, normal service life in more than 50000 hours;
This product focuses on performance, reliability and long life, so the device adopts brand electronic components.

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Integrated device design, light weight, low temperature rise, low calorific value, power supply output voltage limit constant current, beautiful appearance;
Low temperature rise, long life design and high reliability. The high temperature and long life capacitor is adopted to improve the MTBF value.
Perfect protection function: open circuit protection, short circuit protection, overload, over temperature, under voltage protection, etc., and bring the safety circuit to ensure the safety of the product.
High safety, suitable for high humidity and high dust; integrated overvoltage and short circuit protection circuit inside the chip.
Through the corresponding high temperature test, aging test, efficacy test and short circuit test, all the finished products are tested by 100% power aging test.

Ensure the reliability of the use of the product;

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