FSH-100W LED driver HBG 0-10v led dimmable switch power supp

型号(Model) 输出(Output) 电压误差精度(Accuracy of voltage error) 纹波与噪声(Ripple/Noise) 效率(Efficiency)
FS-CC363000C 24~36V,3.0A ±1% 200mV 89%
FS-CC483000C 30~42V,2.5A ±1% 200mV 90%
FS-CC482400C 36~48V,2.14A ±1% 200mV 90%
FS-CC542400C 42~54V,1.9A ±1% 200mV 90%
FS-CC541800C 48~58V,1.7A ±1% 200mV 90%

100-150w high efficient PFC led power supply
.International wide range input(up to 305V/AC)
.Protection:short circuit/over current/over pressure/over temperature
.Built-in active power factor correction function
.The efficiency is up to 93%
.IP67/65,Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
.Suitable for drying;Wet;The rain environment
.The power supply is suitable for all kinds of led lighting and high bay lighting
.Natural air cooling.
.Suit for the 6KV resistance level.
. Input and output wire: using electronic wire, teflon line, silk covered wire.
.Model available:
.Type B:Bipolar without strobe. (built-in three-in-one dimming function: 1-10vdc,PWM signal;Resistance)The output current can be adjusted by potentiometer.)
.5 years warranty
交流输入电压范围(AC input voltage range) 90~277VAC
交流突入电流(最大)(AC burst current (maximum) 冷启动(cold start);60A/230VAC 冷启动(cold start);70A/230VAC
输入频率范围(Input frequency range) 47-63 Hz
功率因数(Power factor) ≧0.95
电流精度(Current accuracy) ±3%
总谐波失真(Total harmonic distortion)(THD) ≤10%
负载调整率(Load regulation) ≤5%90-277VAC
过流保护(Over current protection) 95%~110%恒流限制,自动恢复(limit to constant current,auto recovery)
过压保护(Over voltage protection) 110%~140%额定输出电压(Rated output voltage)
短路保护(Short circuit protection) 打嗝模式,自动恢复(Hiccup mode, automatic recovery)
过温保护(Over temperature protection) 关断输出电压,重启(Turn off  the output voltage,restart)
启动、上升、保持时间(Setup, rise,  hold up time) 500ms,80ms,16ms(230VAC满载)(230VAC Full load)
耐压(over pressure) I/P-O/P:3.75kVAC,I/P-FG:2Kvac,O/P-FG:1.5kVAC
工作温度(Working temperature) -40℃~+60℃
安规标准(Safety standards) EN61347-1;EN61347-2-13;EN60598-1;EN60598-2-6
电磁兼容标准(Electromagnetic compatibility standard) EN55015;EN61547;EN61000-3-2;EN61000-4-2;EN61000-4-5
尺寸(直径×高)Size (diameter * height) (mm) 130×66.5 151×66.5

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