FSH-200W 54V outdoor waterproof high bay light LED driver

型号(Model) 输出(Output) 电压误差精度(Accuracy of voltage error) 纹波与噪声(Ripple/Noise) 效率(Efficiency)
FS-CC366000C 24~36V,6.0A ±1% 200mV 90%
FS-CC425200C 30~42V,5.0A ±1% 200mV 91%
FS-CC484500C 36~48V,4.3A ±1% 200mV 91%
FS-CC544200C 42~54V,3.75A ±1% 200mV 91%
FS-CC543600C 48~60V,3.3A ±1% 200mV 91%
180w-240w high efficient PFC led power supply
.International wide range input(up to 305V/AC)
.Protection:short circuit/over current/over pressure/over temperature
.Built-in active power factor correction function
.The efficiency is up to 93%
.IP67/65,Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
.Suitable for drying;Wet;The rain environment
.The power supply is suitable for all kinds of led lighting and high bay lighting
.Natural air cooling.
.Suit for the 6KV resistance level.
.Input and output wire: using electronic wire, teflon line, silk covered wire.
.Bipolar without strobe.The output current can be adjusted by potentiometer.
.5 years warranty

交流输入电压范围(AC input voltage range) 90~277VAC
交流突入电流(最大)(AC burst current (maximum) 冷启动(cold start);65A/230VAC 冷启动(cold start);75A/230VAC
输入频率范围(Input frequency range) 47-63 Hz
功率因数(Power factor) ≧0.95
电流精度(Current accuracy) ±3%
总谐波失真(Total harmonic distortion)(THD) ≤10%
负载调整率(Load regulation) ≤5%90-277VAC
过流保护(Over current protection) 95%~110%恒流限制,自动恢复(limit to constant current,auto recovery)
过压保护(Over voltage protection) 110%~140%额定输出电压(Rated output voltage)
短路保护(Short circuit protection) 打嗝模式,自动恢复(Hiccup mode, automatic recovery)
过温保护(Over temperature protection) 关断输出电压,重启(Turn off  the output voltage,restart)
启动、上升、保持时间(Setup, rise,  hold up time) 500ms,80ms,16ms(230VAC满载)(230VAC Full load)
耐压(over pressure) I/P-O/P:3.75kVAC,I/P-FG:2Kvac,O/P-FG:1.5kVAC
工作温度(Working temperature) -40℃~+60℃
安规标准(Safety standards) EN61347-1;EN61347-2-13;EN60598-1;EN60598-2-6
电磁兼容标准(Electromagnetic compatibility standard) EN55015;EN61547;EN61000-3-2;EN61000-4-2;EN61000-4-5
尺寸(直径×高)Size (diameter * height) (mm) 191×69 191×69

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