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Shenzhen Fushuo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Integrated R&D, production, sales as one, is a worldwide supplier of led driver and is a professional and standard hi-tech enterprises.
Fushuo founded in 2013, located in Shenzhen, about 3000㎡factory area, 80-100 staff, we have service office in Wenzhou city and Yangzhou city.
Fushuo devote to high efficiency, high power, high performance LED driver production. With the feature of low noise, energy saving, environment friendly, high efficiency, long lifespan, the high quality of our drivers have gained great popularity among our old and new customers. We have build a long term good business relationship with clients from Switzerland, Australia, Poland, Turkey, India and some other countries.
Fushuo have gained the accredited certificate of ISO9001:2008, CCC, CE, SAA, TUV, we welcome OEM.

Round corn lamp driver introduction:
1. International Input voltage: 85-305VAC, other input voltage range available;
2. High accuracy output constant current tolerance≤±3%, efficiency≥87%, PF≥0.9.
3. Long lifespan performance: 3-5 years warranty, main components from ST, On-Bright and Rubycon from Japan.
4. Premium solution design: integrated device design, low heat value, low temperature rise, output limited voltage with constant current, use high temperature resistance long lifespan capacitance, improved the MTBF time.
5. Built-in PFC function.
6. Protection: open circuit protection, Short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, cold start function. And built-in safety circuit, ensure the product safety.
7. High safety: suitable for working in environment of high humidity, high dust, wet place.
8. Strict QC testing: Pass the high temperature age test, functional test and short circuit test. All the delivery LED driver passed the age test 100%, ensure the reliability of products application. 

Round corn lamp driver
Round high bay light driver introduction:

1. Fushuo’s high bay light waterproof driver have the power from 40W to 250W, mostly use ST6599 solution, and few use Taiwan On-Bright solution.
2. Built-in PFC function.
3. Product feature: flicker free 3 in 1 dimmable function, it is 0-10 VDC, PWM signal, or resistance.
4. Use pure metal aluminum casting shell, high temperature resistance, natural air cooling, waterproof grade IP65/IP67.
5. Suit for the 3KA/6KV surge impact tolerance.

Round high bay light driver
Round Explosion proof light driver introduction
1. To meet the market requirement and the lighting installment size request, we design and developed long board LED driver for explosion proof light.
2. Use ST6599 solution, transformer use 3220 magnetic core, Rubycon capacitance, TA -40℃ to +60℃, 5 years warranty.
3. Available: Round aluminum waterproof series: 20-150W; Long board waterproof series: 20-300W; Plastic case with potting inside: 20-70W. 

Round Explosion proof light driver
Long board LED driver introduction
This products use as power supply for LED lighting, security monitoring, digital products and mechanical equipment.
1. High reliable circuit topology: use active power factor correction circuit + LLC half-bridge resonance circuit, PFC compensation using quasi resonant soft switching technology, switch MOS and rectifier diode are working in the soft switch state, it can effectively reduce the generation of electromagnetic interference, reduce the harmonic greatly, reduce the components voltage stress and switching loss, improve the driver’s efficiency and reliability.
2. High quality components: Use ST, NXP, TI or On-Bright brand control IC. Capacitance use Rubycon or Beryl. MOS use FCS, ST, VISHAY. Schottkey diode use ONsemi, ST, VISHAY or Panjit. Sample resistance use Vishay high accuracy low temperature drift alloy resistance. The resistance capacitance use TDK, Murata, Yageo.
3. Excellent electrical performance: high efficiency, high PF, low EMI, low THD, low temperature tise, long lifespan. Have protection like short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, Led chip over temperature protection, half power management.
4. Strict QC testing: Pass the high temperature age test, functional test and short circuit test. All the delivery LED driver passed the age test 100%, ensure the reliability of products application.

Long board LED driver